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 Current issue

The effects of multiple factors on post-activation potentiation and performance enhancement: a narrative review

Eugenio Formiglioa,†, Antonino Pattib,†, Eneko Fernández-Peñac,*, Valerio Giustinob, Domenico Savio Salvatore Vicarid,b, Alessandro Tamassiaa and Marco Gervasia aDepartment of Biomolecular…

Percentile norms for the 10×5-meters shuttle run test in a large sample of primary school-aged children: A cross-sectional study

Zdenko Klarića, Almin Hopovacb, Lovro Štefanc a’Magistra’ school, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatiab’Ministry of Education’, Bosnia and HerzegovinacFaculty of Sports Studies,…

Overload knee joint pain in horse riding athletes

Patrycja Bobowika,†,*, Maria Agnieszczaka, Patryk Leguta,Ida Wiszomirskaa, Katarzyna Kaczmarczykaa Faculty of Rehabilitation, Jozef Pilusdski University of Physical Education in Warsaw,…