About the Journal

Acta Kinesiologica Journal (AK) focuses on public health, sport physiology and performance and is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of sport and exercise science, sport pedagogy, orthopaedic sports medicine, sport-performance researchers, other sport scientists and kinesiology issues. The journal publishes authoritative peer-reviewed research in biomechanics, sports medicine, sport physiology and related disciplines, with an emphasis on work having direct practical applications in enhancing sport performance in sport physiology and related disciplines. 

Peer Review Process

All manuscripts received will be reviewed in the first instance by the chief editors, associate editors and / or section editors, who will decide whether the article follows the journal guidelines and whether it meets the formal requirements established in the authors' regulations.

Manuscripts that do not comply with these formal characteristics will be returned to their authors to adapt the manuscript to current regulations, and those who do not follow the journal guidelines will be rejected for publication in the Journal.

Papers that present a correct adaptation to the current regulations and that follow the journal guidelines of the Journal will be sent anonymously to two external reviewers of the Journal for review.

All articles received (except letters to the Editor) will be reviewed through a double-blind peer review system, therefore the main document cannot report informations related to the Author-s/University/Agency

The article review process is done with the Open Journal System (OJS) software that guarantees automated and auditable electronic registration of all interactions. It is a transparent process, which enables the improvement of texts when their publication is viable. The following video describes the review process for evaluating an article using OJS (Source: Public Knowledge Project).

The editorial process consists of two stages: preliminary review and peer review.

First stage: preliminary review

All submitted manuscripts received by the editors will be reviewed by the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal to determine whether the manuscript is in line with the subject and ethical policy of the journal (Journal Guideline), whether it is scientifically sound, and whether it has been properly prepared. Manuscripts that do not meet the journal's standards or the journal's ethical policy will be rejected prior to peer review. All submitted materials are checked for plagiarism using the iThenticate/Compilatio software in the preliminary evaluation by Managin Editor before the peer review process to avoid any publication or retraction. 

Second stage: review

If the article is not rejected at the preliminary review stage, it is submitted for review. Each article is usually reviewed by two independent reviewers (there may be more if necessary, and in some cases the review process may be based on the report of only one reviewer), after which the member of the editorial board in charge of the relevant scientific issue decides on publication in one of the following ways:

  • Reject - the article is unacceptable for publication, resubmission is not considered
  • Serious revision - the article requires major changes and requires re-consideration without guarantee of acceptance
  • Minor revision - the article is accepted on a preliminary basis, subject to the conditions that must be met when preparing the final version of the manuscript.

In both cases of revision, authors are given a 2-week deadline to return revised manuscripts. Any extension of this period should be discussed with the Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

Evaluation of articles in OJS

The review report that the external reviewers complete in anonymous form can be consulted in this link:

AK Review Form

The review criteria are as follows: originality, novelty, topicality, interest, quality and methodological rigor and relevance.

The articles may be rejected, accepted with modifications or accepted without modification:

  • In case of requesting minor changes, the manuscript will be accepted as soon as it includes the modifications requested, with no need for further revisions.
  • In case of major changes, the manuscript with modifications will be evaluated by one of the first reviewers with the aim of giving greater coherence and fluidity to the process. This new revision will last for a maximum of 30 days.
  • In case of rejection, it will be at editorial discretion the possibility of accepting a new submission of the modified manuscript or its definitive rejection.

The average review time will be between 30 and 45 days. Once the deadline has expired, the publisher will undertake to send a resolution to the author of the article.

Acceptance Submission Index (40%)

Accepted papers will be assigned and published (after payment of the rate established by publication) in the first issue of the available Journal and according to the needs of the Journal. Authors will know this information and the date of publication at the time of acceptance.

Publication Frequency

Each year, a single volume is published in electronic version with three quarterly numbers. The publication dates of each issue are as follows:

No. 1 - March

No. 2 - June

No. 3 - September

No. 4 - December

Open Access Policy

Acta Kinesiologica is pleased to allow our authors having their articles published Open Access. Open Access provide payment when the article will be accepted definitively by Editor in Chief.


The registration fee for the publication of the article is 350 Euro and must be paid within a week of the acceptance of the article for publication.


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