Insight in perception of pain in sports – selected aspects


  • Maciej Pawlak
  • Monika Chudecka Poland
  • Katarzyna Leźnicka


pain, physical effort, sport, injuries, measurement of pain


Purpose: Research in recent decades has shed light on the neurophysiological mechanisms of pain, which not only has
an information and warning function, but is also considered an important diagnostic factor. The results of various studies
indicate that physical activity, especially at moderate intensity, modulates the intensity of perceived pain and generally leads
to its reduction.The aim of this study was to characterize in depth the effects of physical activity on pain perception, in
particular to deepen the knowledge of the direct and indirect effects of recurrent repetitive injuries on pain perception and
modulation of the activity of the endogenous antinociceptive system.
Methods: This article reviews the current state of knowledge on the effects of physical activity and injury on pain perception
and the role of the endogenous analgesic system in pain modulation.
Results: Both excessive physical effort and a lack of physical activity are factors that increase the risk of pain. Physical
activity, especially training in athletes, exerts loads on the locomotor system structures and by means of the nociceptive
system signalises potential hazards through pain. At the same time, these very same loads trigger the processes activating the
endogenous analgesia systems. In the case of intense and prolonged physical activity, these systems are subject to adaptation
as well as exhaustion.
Conclusions: For athletes and amateur athletes, knowledge about pain has a practical dimension, enabling conscious,
knowledge-based monitoring of applied loads and control of the body's condition. Gaining knowledge about pain in sports
can be of great practical importance in the in the training process, during the competition but above all the prevention of
injuries. The intensity and quality of pain, although these are subjective feelings, can be defined and analyzed in clinical
practice and in research conducted on physically active people, using established procedures and appropriate tests.




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