The Technical and tactical actions in different styles of play in table tennis


  • Jerzy Grycan Pllish Table Tennis Federation
  • Ziemowit Bańkosz Wrocław University of Health and Sport Sciences


notational analysis, performance analysis, playing startegies, tactics, table tennis


Purpose: The aim of this work was to identify the combinations and strokes that players representing different styles of play
used most often to score, and to identify the differences between them.
Methods: A total of 146 games and 6565 winning actions of 7 champions, table tennis players representing different playing
styles were analyzed. The study used the modified Wu Huanqin game analysis method. It consists of complex observing
the game, counting the winning actions of a given player, sorting and identifying them, depending on the accuracy of the
observation. Three levels are included, with increasing detail in assessing players' actions. For all variables, percentage win
rates were calculated. Comparative analyses were performed. Due to the specificity of the database, chi square tests and
fraction tests were used.
Results: The most important differences between analyzed players were identified, which are the basis for classifying them
into different playing styles. These differences, as shown in the work, relate to tactical actions in different phases of the
game: service actions, returns or in the so-called stalemate phase. They are related to the use of different strokes and their
combinations to score points by players of different styles of play.
Conclusions: The research carried out made it possible to identify the most important strokes and their combinations with
which table tennis players score points and to identify differences between the playing styles. The results obtained in the
work can be valuable information for coaches and players, regarding the possibility of applying effective tactical actions
in the game, the direction of development of a particular style, or even, as a consequence, the possibility of taking specific
actions in the game against specific styles.




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