The profile of the sports manager between training misunderstandings and impact on internal stakeholders


  • Giovanni Esposito University of Salerno


exercise and sport sciences, manager, sports law, professional sport profile


Background: In Italy, recent amendments in the field of sports work may have made the application of the reform by stakeholders unclear, with the risk of generating further confusion due to the change in the system. One of the most critical points concerns the equivalences to the professional profile of the sports manager, which would be illegitimately recognised even for a different type of education. In this way, despite the reform stipulating that a master's degree in sports management is required to exercise this professional activity, some universities offer master's degree courses in law and economic subjects, creating further misunderstandings. Purpose: The study aimed to understand the perceptions of internal stakeholders regarding the new legislative provisions. Methods: A questionnaire was administered to 60 presidents and managers of sports associations and clubs in the province of Salerno. The questions seek to probe stakeholders' perceptions on the liking, appropriateness, and usefulness of sports manager. The validity and reliability of the questions were calculated. A chi-square (χ2) analysis was performed to check for significant differences in perception. Results: From the results, it was possible to appreciate a discordance of opinions between the stakeholders. Differences in perception emerged concerning the conviction that this professional figure should be integrated within the sports organization chart (χ2 = 7.84; P = 0.00), for the contribution that the manager can make in terms of improvement to the sports company (χ2 = 7.84; P = 0.00) and for the most appropriate training path for exercising this profession (χ2 = 7.76; P = 0.00). Conclusions: The perceptual contradictions found in the stakeholders' answers show how the complexity of the recent regulatory provisions and the assumed equivalences to the title of sports manager have generated additional confusion compared to the ordinary one.




04-09-2023 — Updated on 10-01-2024


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