Impact of the new professional profile of the preventive and adapted physical activities kinesiologist on internal stakeholders


  • Felice Di Domenico University of Salerno


Kinesiologist, physical activity, epistemology of motor sciences, role of stakeholders


Purpose: The wellness and fitness companies, that provide physical and sports educational services, have to apply the recent reform of physical activity and sport reform of the job of the new professional profile in physical exercise of “kinesiologist of preventive and adapted physical activities” established by the new Italian legislation. Kinesiologists, personal trainers, and physiotherapists represent internal stakeholders, and their perception and opinions are important to identify the stakeholders' demands and expectations for the pursuit of its corporate goals.

The aim was to measure the impact of the professional figure on internal stakeholders because of the new legislative provisions, also about the role he or she holds and his or her ability to fulfil the functions of the kinesiologist role. The impact is identified by the measure of the effect of the innovative legislation on knowledge, perceptions and opinions regarding.

Method: Participants at the study were 64 professionals (average age 32±8 years) carrying out their professional activity in the Campania region. A questionnaire of 12 questions distributed in 3 sections was sent out: 1) identification of the sample; 2) new legislative knowledge; 3) perceptions on the ability to perform kinesiologist functions. In addition to descriptive statistics, Chi Square and Cramer's V were used to measure correlations.

Risultati: Il ruolo ricoperto nella forza lavoro è associato ad alcune risposte ( P <.05). I fisioterapisti sono parzialmente convinti (Cramer's V =.589) dell'introduzione della laurea LM-67 nella forza lavoro e i kinesiologi sono più convinti (Cramer's V =.298) che il percorso più adatto per formare figure specializzate nella prescrizione di re -l'esercizio didattico è lo specifico master.

Conclusioni: L'impatto dell'istituzione del nuovo profilo professionale è interessante anche rispetto alla definizione dei ruoli delle diverse figure professionali all'interno di palestre e centri sportivi.



04-09-2023 — Updated on 10-01-2024


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