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Acta Kinesiologica Journal (AK) is an international peer-reviewed journal that examines practical and research aspects of Sport Physiology, Sport Psychology, Sport Pedagogy, Sport Traumatology and Sport Performance. The editorial mission of AK is to advance the knowledge of Sport and Exercise Physiologists, Sport Scientists, Sport Physicians, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Sport-Performance researchers. The journal promotes the publication of research in Sport Physiology and related disciplines that has direct practical application to enhancing Sport Performance and Public Health. The journal publishes original research, brief reports, Invited Commentary / Technical Note, Systematic Review - Meta Analysis, and Letter to the Editor. The intended breadth of AK includes team sports, individual sports, performance aspects of environmental physiology, applied sport nutrition, strength and conditioning, biomedical science, and applications of sport technology. Controlled experimental and observational research of a comprehensive or systematic nature is welcome, provided that appropriate standards of scientific methodology and analysis are met. The journal will be of interest to Sport Scientists, Sport Psychologist, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, Sport Physicians, Coaches, Academic Researchers, Students, and related professionals.

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Vol. 18 No. 2 (2024): Acta kinesiologica
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Acta kinesiologica, Vol.18. Issue 2. June 2024.

Published: 13-06-2024

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