• Acta kinesiologica
    Vol. 18 No. 1 (2024)

  • Acta kinesiologica
    Vol. 17 No. 2 (2023)

    Dear Reader,

    With the publication of each new issue, the International Scientific Journal Acta Kinesiologica turns a new page in its ongoing journey of development, continually enhancing the quality of our peer review process and the calibre of the scientific articles we accept for publication. The recent conferment of an Impact Factor within the Web Of Science Core Collection has raised our quality benchmark to a new level.

    Furthermore, the journal has recently gained accreditation from ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) as a Scientific Journal within Area 11. We are actively undertaking initiatives to increase the recognizability and visibility of our journal, with the next step being inclusion in the prestigious Scopus Database.

    The collaboration between the traditional publisher (DPTZK) and the European Institute for Talent, Education, Research, and Development as a co-publishing partner has enabled the implementation of the digital Open Journal Systems (OJS). This collaboration has facilitated the standardization and complete digitalization of all stages of the publication process.

    In your hands, you hold an issue that, as endorsed by international reviewers and the Acta Kinesiologica Journal Editorial Board, contains articles of the highest quality. We firmly believe that this publication will provide new insights at both the scientific and professional levels in the fields of Kinesiology, Health, and Sport, significantly contributing to a deeper understanding of these critically important and socially beneficial disciplines. Aware of the increased number of submissions that did not meet our stringent criteria, we encourage authors not to be deterred. We invite you to submit the results of new research or revised papers based on reviewer feedback for the next issue, which is being prepared for the first quarter of 2024. Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the authors, reviewers, editors, proof-readers, members of the Organizational Board, and all other contributors to this enriching scientific narrative for their invaluable contributions.


    Prof. Johnny Padulo


  • Acta kinesiologica, Vol.17.Issue 1. August 2023.

    Vol.17. Issue 1. 2023.
    Vol. 17 No. 1. (2023)

    Dear Esteemed Readers, Contributors, and Colleagues,

    Since its inception in 2007 under the aegis of Founder and Prof. Dr. Sc. Žarko Bilić, Acta Kinesiologica has ascended to a reputable standing, a feat achieved through assiduous effort. As we usher in the epoch of 2023, the editorial team of Acta Kinesiologica aspires to broaden scholarly horizons under the newly adopted ethos: "Everyone is Free to Demonstrate."

    We are delighted to unveil the 2023 edition of Acta Kinesiologica, featuring momentous changes designed to augment the calibre, reach, and influence of our esteemed publication. We are also pleased to announce a new co-publishing partnership with the European Institute for Talents, Education, Research, & Development. Concurrently, we are launching an intuitive, user-friendly submission system to facilitate contributions from the academic community.

    These developments serve as an unequivocal affirmation of our unflagging commitment to the advancement of scientific understanding and innovation within the realm of Kinesiology. For the first time in its storied history, Acta Kinesiologica has been acknowledged by Clarivate Analytics and included in the Web of Science Core Collection, receiving an Impact Factor rating of 0.3. Moreover, the journal has gained accreditation from ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) as a Scientific Journal within Area 11.

    As the incoming Editor-in-Chief, I am honoured to present our distinguished editorial team:

    Executive Editors: 

    Franjo Lovrić, University of Mostar, Bosnia-Hercegovina

    Dražen Čular, University of Split Faculty of Kinesiology, Croatia

    Associate Editors:

    Nicola Maffulli, Queen Mary University of London, UK

    Luca Paolo Ardigò, NLA University College, Oslo, Norway

    Alessandro Moura Zagatto, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil

    Leonardo Alexandre Peyré-Tartaruga, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    Domenico Martone, University of Naples Parthenope, Italy

    Antonio Dello Iacono, University of the West of Scotland, UK

    Editorial Board members:

    Luca Russo, Iul University, Italy

    Olfa Turki, University of Tunis, Tunisia

    Gian Mario Migliaccio, San Raffaele Roma Open University, Italy

    Fabio Y. Nakamura, University of Maia, Portugal

    Brian Hanley, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom

    Alin Larion, University of Costanta, Romania

    Antonio Frizziero, University of Parma, Italy

    Francesco Oliva, San Raffaele Roma Open University, Italy

    Monoem Haddad, Qatar University, Qatar

    Nebojsa Trajkovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

    Wissem Dhahbi, Police College, Qatar

    Anis Chaouachi, University of Tunis, Tunisia

    Francesco Ceccarini, New York University Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates

    Antonio Buglione, San Raffaele Roma Open University, Italy

    Hadi Nobari, University of Extremadura, Spain

    As we embark upon this invigorating new chapter, our allegiance to the promotion of superior research—a cornerstone for both scientific advancement and societal well-being—remains unswerving.

    We cordially invite you to partake in this dynamic voyage by contributing your invaluable research, joining our esteemed reviewer community, or by simply engaging with and citing the scholarly work we disseminate.

    Your unwavering support and trust in Acta Kinesiologica serve as the linchpins for our continued prosperity. We eagerly anticipate another annum of groundbreaking scientific discoveries and academic brilliance.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Warm regards,

    Prof. Johnny Padulo 


    Acta Kinesiologica


    We hope you find this edition both enlightening and inspiring. Happy reading!

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